Pet Accidents At Home: Can They Be Harmful?

You know how strong pet odors can be if your pet has had “accidents” or is a bit more aggressive. They can be more than an annoying stench or a health risk.

All pet odors pose an risk

Animals were created to live, urinate and defecate outside. Pet accidents in enclosed homes cannot be cleaned by water, air, or sunlight. They can contaminate the air and cause damage to your body.

There’s no “worst offenders”

Indoor air can be contaminated by rodent and bird cages, cat boxes and dog accidents. Chemical gases can be released when bacteria and moist areas in your home are contaminated by pet accidents. Although odors and chemicals can vary depending on pet’s diet and metabolism, all pet odors are harmful to your health if inhaled in sufficient quantities or for a long time.

What are the symptoms of pet accidents?

Pet urine and pet accidents can cause a stingy odour that can irritate the lungs. Even low levels (50ppm, OSHA’s exposure limit) can cause skin and eye irritation. Concentrated or large amounts of inhaled air can cause…

*Burning the nose, throat, or respiratory tract.

*Wet cough and breathlessness

*Irritation of the skin or eyes.

*Sensations of fatigue and lightheadedness.


*Asthma (or worsening) of asthma symptoms

*Respiratory infections

*Long-term exposure can cause skin burns and permanent damage to the eyes (including blindness).

*Children with weak immune systems and children are especially at risk

What can I do to clean it up?

Pet urine can get into furniture, carpeting, and baseboards. This could happen to any item in your home including the structure. It can cause health problems if it isn’t addressed quickly. DIY remedies can only temporarily mask the odors of pet accidents. For the safe and effective removal of pet accidents, professional cleaning is recommended.

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