Dust Mites In Carpet: Can They Make You Sick?

Safety and health can be affected by things we don’t see. Innocuous irritants such as pollen and dust can have a profound impact on our health. This is especially true for dust mites.

Dust mites, microscopic insects, thrive on household dust and dander. They are smaller than a grain or sand and they are invisible to the naked eye. Don’t let this fool you. You can’t see dust mites, but that doesn’t make them inaccessible. These tiny insects love to eat dead skin and thrive in humid, warm interiors. Dust mites thrive indoors with an average relative humidity of 75% to 85%. They cannot survive in areas with less than 50% relative humidity. Carpets and area rugs are their favorite.

The majority of people won’t notice any dust mites in their homes, but it can be a problem for those with asthma or allergies.

Allergy reactions can be caused by the excrement or carcasses of dust mites. These symptoms include watery eyes, skin rashes, congestion, and sneezing. Dust mites on carpet and other surfaces in your home could be making you sick. These symptoms don’t have you suffering. It’s time for dust mite mitigation if you feel like you have an allergy to your home.

Continue reading to find out how dust mites can be reduced and prevented from entering your home.

How to Get Dust Mites Out of Carpets and Rugs in Your Home

Keep your home’s porous, soft surfaces clean to reduce the impact dust mites have on your allergy symptoms. But, regular vacuuming won’t cut it.

We recommend homeowners to make a real difference in your allergy symptoms.

  1. Use a HEPA-filtered vacuum that is CRI Green Labeled
  2. Use a HEPA filter air filtration device in the bedrooms for those with allergies.
  3. Hot water extraction should be used to clean carpets, area rugs, and fabric-covered furniture regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning each rug and furniture item.

Most consumer-grade vacuums, shampooers, and carpet cleaners are not powerful enough for extracting very fine dirt, hair, and dander from carpets and rugs.

Although industrial-grade units can be rented, they are expensive and require a lot of effort to use. It is difficult to rent cleaning equipment without having some operational knowledge.

Professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment works best when used correctly. It can remove allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and deep-seated dirt and stains from carpets.

Dust Mites Live in Furniture, Too

Dust mites love to live in fabric-covered furniture such as sofas, ottomans, and chairs. It’s easy not to clean your furniture unless there is an obvious, unsightly stain. Dust mites in your upholstery furniture could cause allergy symptoms for you and your family.

Add professional carpet cleaning and upholstery clean to your home’s cleaning routine to combat allergens caused by dust mites.

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